Thursday, July 30, 2009

Protect Your Head

You've got to protect your head! I grew up riding around without a helmet & on a super hot day I'll still go without if I'm just cruising the neighborhood. In any case, here are some of the hottest & most fun choices.

Yakkay makes a great base helmet with a variety of coverings. $120 for base, $60 for covers.

Pro-tec has a ton of color & finish options. A great simple, sporty helmet. $50

Bern is another lovely maker, stylish helmets with or without a brim. $75

Pryme has a cheaper option with tons of color choices. $20

Other fun things at Riding Pretty (fantastic, kitschy helmet covers that will run you around $55) and Bobbin carries the sweetest rain cap for 15 pounds.


  1. My favorite cute helmet company is Nutcase. I get compliments on my helmet all the time. I really want to try one of those Yakkay helmets.

  2. HA, what a great name for a helmet. I love 'em, thanks for the find.