Monday, July 27, 2009

What Should I Wear Biking?

Call me vain, but when I first considered biking around town, the first thought to go through my head - "Do I have to wear that God-awful get up?" Everywhere I look it's biker after biker in special clip shoes, spandex-butt padding shorts, yellow or green nylon jackets & some sporty eye protection. I don't mean to judge; some people want to bike fast, not have a sore ass, be easily spotted by cars & not get a rock in their eye. It seems like the best spots to get hi-tech cycling gear in Seattle is REI; there, plus EMS or Sierra Trading Post is great for online purchases.

I like to think of it this way, if you are going to be an aggressive cyclist (either speed or longevity), the gear is worth it. If you are going to ride casually or for only a short commute, you really just need to think about comfort & keeping your pant leg out of the chain. While I consider myself a casual commuter, I understand that in Seattle - biking in skin tight (no lycra) denim & heals can feel pretty constricting taking Pine from Downtown to the top of Capitol Hill. Check out the following links for places to grab functional & stylish cycle gear.

Cyclodelic (London based)
London Cyclechic & their fashion tips
Swrve Cycle Apparel
First Look Commuter Pants
Lindland Cordarounds
Styley helmets by Bern

Keep in touch this week as I get a little deeper into cycling in style.

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