Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Bikes Are Out There?

Recreational Cruisers (Single to 8 Speed) - popular models include the Electra Amsterdam, Trek Cruisers, Trek Allant, Simple City Bikes & many Dutch Models.

Drop Handle Road Bikes - makers include Trek, Bianchi, Schwinn & Giant (for more see here).

Commuter Bikes (Hyrbids that can often separate into sport, city or comfort) - top commuters of 2009 from Metaefficient. AW Cycles has a good break down this category.

Electric Bikes - Models include the Giant Lite, Freedom & Express, Schwinn World & Continental, & eZee Bikes.

Folding Bikes - A great rundown here at Eco Geek & a Northwest resource.

Fixed Gear Bikes (Fixie) - single, fixed speed & oh so trendy. Best Fixies of 2009 over at Bike Forums.

Again, I want to welcome any input or comments that you might have here at Iva Jean Rides. I want to make sure that readers have the best information & sometimes you might be holder.

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