Monday, July 20, 2009

8 Reasons Biking in Seattle Had Me Freaked

I fantasized about biking in Seattle, a Seattle with no hills & me on a beautiful cruiser. But when I decided to make it happen, reality set in & I was intimidated. It seemed I had so much to learn; what kind of bike should I get, how the heck am I going to haul my stuff around, what do I really need to buy, how am I going to avoid dying? I had some friends to ask questions & coworkers that helped me get used to commuting, but what I needed most was to just start riding.

So, here we are - the 8 reasons biking in Seattle had me freaked...
  1. What kind of bike do I need & how much is this going to cost me?
  2. What am I going to wear (do I really need spandex shorts)?
  3. How will I haul my stuff around?
  4. How can I avoid dying & what are Seattle's bike laws?
  5. How can I avoid dying & how do I deal with cars & heavy traffic?
  6. What's the deal with loading my bike on the bus?
  7. How will I get there?
  8. Ummm, won't I be super sweaty (is there any route without a huge hill)?
In the next few weeks tell you all what I wish I would have known then. Just one girl that wanted to bike around a bit to another.

Image via Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

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