Monday, July 13, 2009

Saturday Ride to Fremont & Ballard

It was a beautiful day in Seattle & I was set to head out for a modest ride into Ballard. While this is my usual weekend ride, this time I went out with a purpose. My main destination was Dutch Bike Seattle but Brouwer's in Fremont ended up being the prize spot. This route is fairly easy with little incline & lots of trail. You'll start by rolling through Eastlake (maybe you could even grab breakfast at 14 carrots or luisa's before you start) then head over the University Bridge. Right after the bridge you circle the exit ramp to jump on the Burke-Gilman Trail. From there it's smooth sailing (unless of course your front brake cable snaps) to Ballard & Dutch Bike Seattle. I ohhhhh & ahhhhh'd over their inventory, but realized that I'm way to frugile to ever treat myself to their $1400+ bikes (as gorgeous as they are). I did chat with Fritz about possible basket set up, he was ever so helpful & made my day by complimenting the Motobecane. After that it was lunch at Brouwer's Cafe (640 beers & a lovely falafel sandwich).

My route home was less exciting. I actually wimped out & tried to take the 8 up Denny, but it never came & I ended up riding up the hill anyway. The day ends at Velo where they replaced my cable for next to nothing & added a rear rack, with a promise to have it ready in an hour. I'm excited to start looking for a basket or saddle bags.

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