Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Best Cycle Street Clothes

In the last few years I've been able to do some"research" on what works best while biking. It's been cold, it's been hot, it's been raining & I've found myself in some awkward clothing-related biking situations.

In the summer months I love to put on a dress & putz around town on my bike. If you're at all modest you'll want your dress to be a little heavier fabric (so it won't fly up) & not much up from your knee. I have a great jersey tube dress from Gentle Fawn that serves as my go to biking dress. It has a built in bra, exposes my shoulders & back (no tan lines), and is a-line with a free flowing bottom. My other go to summer outfit is an American Apparel pencil skirt & tube top, it takes me most places (on & off the bike). All in all, cycling in the summer means that you need comfortable, breathable clothing, for me that means jersey & other knits. If you are worried about a little too much skin, grab a pair of hot pants from american apparel or twin syndrome on etsy.

For a while I was anti leggings as pants, but they are creeping up into my wardrobe. While in Stockholm I found myself wearing leggings with oversized button ups a few times & thought that they'd make a lovely outfit for bike riding.

Another tip - riding in heels is just as easy as biking in flip flops.

A nice romper would be great too, don't you think?

Some no no's you ask? My biggest are skin tight denim, unless of course they have a little lycra in them. I also avoid too short skirts or shorts; it's less about giving sneak peeks & more about feeling my bare ass on the saddle.

All images via Zakkaliciousness.

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