Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting It There

Carrying your lunch, clothes or other things to & from work can be quite a hassle. Should you carry it on your back, or should you make your bike do all of the work?

I've been using a Gama-Go messenger bag for the last two years, but often find that it doesn't hold it all, not to mention that it weighs me down & wrinkles my shirt. While I love the look of Chrome, Timbuk2, & R.E. Load bags, I was discouraged to find that I'd be dropping hundreds. I also looked into waterproof panniers & courier bags at REI, again, I was shocked at the price for something that didn't even suit my style.

Using a messenger bag can be tough on your lower back & when it's hot out I find that having a bag against my back makes matters much worse. If you are like me & haul a lot of stuff to & fro, a bag is often tricky, unless you rock a large Chrome Metropolis, which I thought about often. The positive to using a messenger bag is that it can easily go where you go & serve a purpose other than cycling.

Getting a sturdy bag that is both comfortable, stylish & functional will run your over $100 & can move closer to $200 as you upgrade. As usual, I'll recommend checking Ebay or Craigslist for secondhand deals.


Timbuk2 - check out their bag builder to create a custom piece

R.E. Load

Rack Options
I just installed a rack on the rear of my bike & I'm sold on its convenience. It would have been easy to put on myself, but I had the folks at Velo do it since it was already getting other work done. Not only do I have the option for panniers or a basket, but I can rig up almost anything using a bungee cord. Until I find the perfect basket or bags, I plan on sticking with the bungee method. With that said, I may pick up a net like this one.

I also love the idea of a basket - one that is easily removable for taking into grocery stores, my apartment or work. This rattam one is super cute, this black one seems nice & subtle, & this white one has a touch of girlie (oops, I just bought this); all of these run between $17 & $55. Don't forget about front baskets either; I personally love the super simple wire, but wicker also floats my boat. Oh oh oh & I lust over this as well, the Carrie Swedish Lace Basket.



Carrie Swedish Lace

Then there are panniers, which seem to be a bit harder to find around these parts; Dutch Bike Co. carries the FastRider Line & London Cycle Chic has some to lose your cool over. Instructables shows us how to make our own & these knitted panniers are so sweet. Want to spend top dollar? Check out these designer bags from Gruppo Bici. Again, more utilitarian panniers can be found all over; Amazon, Rei or Bike Somewhere.

Safari Bags from London Cycle Chic

Gruppo Bici

FastRider at Dutch Bike Co.

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  1. This is certainly not helping my recent addiction to buying bike accessories.

    I have a nice wicker basket that attaches in a strange way. But man, I would love to upgrade to that Swedish Lace Basket. Very drool worthy.