Friday, August 14, 2009

South Lake Union to Pioneer Square

After a great visit with my brother in South Lake Union, I decided to kill a couple of hours on the bike before my dentist apt. From his place near Snowboard Connection & Alley24 I headed toward 9th Avenue on Republican. 9th is a one way street with a clearly marked bike lane that will lead you straight to Bell Street Once you hit Bell, you can take a right on 3rd to go to Seattle Center or head straight for shopping & eating in Belltown. Around 2nd, I took a minute to check out Roq Le Rue & Halogen Galleries; if there was more time in the day I'd also stop by Mama's for mexican food or Shorty's for hot dogs, beers (also home to a classic Seattle pour) & pinball.

After a Belltown stop, I headed down to Western & hopped on the Eastern sidewalk until the Pike Place Market because of one way traffic; it gets pedestrian heavy at this point, so make sure to watch out for them. Once I hit the market I crossed the street to the bike lane that starts where Western splits to go to the waterfront. This is smooth sailing; make sure to pop into a couple of the great design, furniture & interior shops that line the street on both sides. Take a left on Yesler then Right on 1st, there is another bike lane on 1st. I took a left on Jackson & wiggled all around King Street Station, Punch Gallery, 4Culture Gallery, All City Coffee & then shot onto 4th back to downtown.

My last (fun) stop was the Seattle Central Library, seeing that I'd only been there once before at night for a private party, I decided to spend an afternoon taking pics & taking it in. It's a beautiful space inside & out; I can't believe it took me this long to get there. Heading home, 4th is a decent option because it's one way traffic, but busy none the less. At some point a bike lane starts on the left, maybe around University. The trip ended at 5th & Stewart where I got my teeth scrubbed for 45 minutes. Ugh.

Aside from the stop at the dentist, I recommend the urban jog. Here's the route & here are some pics.

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