Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cargo Bikes

Another option in getting your goods where you're going is a cargo bike. They seem to be the perfect option for someone with children, someone that uses their bike for grocery shopping or getting equipment to work, a person that lives somewhere flat, &/or a person with a couple thousand to drop on a bike. I think they look super fun & really convenient (just not for me & these Seattle hills).

Metrofiets are handmade in Portland, OR

Bakfiets are pricey & foreign, but can be bought at specialty bike shops like Clever Cycles (Portland), Rain City Bikes (Vancouver, BC), and Dutch Bike Co. (Seattle) .

Joe Bike sells a variety of cargo bikes in varying costs & uses; Portland based of course.

Yuba Bikes
sell in the states, but are German based & reasonably priced.

Madson Cycles are another stylish option & available across the US.

Christiana Bikes also seem nice, though I'm not sure they are available outside the EU.

Other resources include: Bikefix & Cargo Bikes (the list).


  1. They do look amazing, but you must end up with Superman's/Wonder Woman's thighs if you fill up those baskets & then try and cycle anywhere! I think I'll stick to my little wicker basket... ;)

  2. Also not available in the US - yet - but definitely interesting is this Dutch project: The website is in Dutch only, but the pics speak for themselves. Some importer should pick this up.

  3. BTW, Yuba is German, located in Bonn, see and review in VeloVision of March 2008.

  4. Thighs of steal for sure!

    Thanks for the tip Frits B, I'll change that now.