Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Hour Ride to the International District

There seems to only be one neighborhood in Seattle that sells bean thread (cellophane noodles) & considering that it was a main ingredient to my girls' night dinner - I got on my bike after work to head to Uwajimaya in Seattle's International District. Not only do they have some great Asian treats, housewares & gifts, but you can pop over to the Kinokuniya Bookstore for a fantastic selection of books and writing supplies (ohhhhh notebooks & gel pens). If you have a minute, I also recommend heading to Kobo & Momo on Jackson for a little shop stop.

Once I picked up my goods, I was ready to head home to Capitol Hill. Here's my route from work to Uwajimaya in the International District & then the route from there home. The whole ride was modest, each leg taking about 25 minutes.

From South Lake Union to the International District tips:
  • Dexter has a nice wide bike lane & traffic is accustomed to cyclists on the road, that's where I hung out until Lenora
  • I hopped onto 5th for a straight shot, because of rush hour traffic I spent Lenora to Yesler on the sidewalk
From the International District to East Capitol Hill tips:
  • The whole stretch is a modest hill that goes slow & is very ridable
  • I hop onto the sidewalk & crosswalks at Jackson & 12 Ave S intersection to get on the east side of 12th, heading north
  • I use the sidewalk from Jackson to Yesler, where a bike lane starts mid-block
  • This is also a great way to get to the Pike/Pine district or North Capitol Hill

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