Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How Will I Get There - A Guide to Seattle

Simply deciding how to get from Point A to Point B can be challenging when you are new to biking in Seattle, or any city for that manner. What about the fastest way, the safest way or the most scenic way? While there are some great visual and printable resources in Seattle, I think the two biggest helps are this: find a bike buddy or a organized casual group ride and practice (the more you ride, the more you know).

As for visual guides for Seattle, you can find maps, guides and routes at all of the following locations:
If you don't have any friends that ride (or that are willing to be patient as you get comfortable), I suggest trying out craigslist or group rides around the city:
Feel free to send me any links to other group rides or routes in Seattle.

Photo via Lisa Randolph and her beautiful Flickr Photostream. Who says it can't just be a pretty bike pic?

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