Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Heading to Europe

I leave tomorrow on a 40 day trip from Seattle to Chicago; Chicago to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Munich, Berlin & London; then to Michigan & back home to Seattle. I can't really explain the excitement. The trip was originally planned as an opportunity to observe the design & culture of a few European cities - take pictures, people watch, visit galleries & boutiques, etc. as time passed I realized that this trip would be much more than that. It has become a test of independence & an opportunity to brain dump.

Hints of casual cycling have appeared in the states. as Inhabitat & other green blogs write about the benefits of biking instead of driving; european cycle chic blogs show us that cycling can be fashionable; & cities begin to plan for more bikers on the road - we are inclined to think about it more often. Just a few weeks ago, my boss sent me a link to a bike fashion show posted on Inhabitat. We started talking about riding in style, the market that exists & the products that don't. my mind starts spinning & here we are: about to take off on a 40 day adventure with a big focus on cycling in style.

Image from copenhagen cycle chic.

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  1. Hope your landing was soft! :)

    You sure you can't pop by and have a look & and a ride in good ol' (and new) Amsterdam?

    Either way, enjoy!